Most guests of Vavaghio Guest House come to experience the marine environment with its surfing, spear fishing, line fishing and snorkelling, but there are many other activities waiting to surprise you!
Vavaghio is close to the outer reef system and boasts amazing surf waves that you will have to share with NO-ONE!  There are ample good left and right surf breaks to choose from. There is no paddle-out, but you can view the breaks from the beach or wharf and head out in the 15hp or 40hp boats in 5mins.  Surfers from the crowded Australian beaches are amazed to be able to have such perfect waves to surf by themselves in this pristine and beautiful environment. The surfing season is from November to March, coinciding with the cyclone season.  Some good surf can be found at other times of the year, but cannot be guaranteed.
Spear Fishing
The extensive reef system around Vavaghio provides a huge variety of reef fish for the avid spearo. The close proximity to deep water also provides easy access to big pelagics such as Spanish Mackerel and tuna of all varieties.The locals will show you how to do it with their string-less home-made spear guns or the simple steel rod/ sling gun commonly used.The waters here are remote, even by local standards, and so the fishing is superb.
Line Fishing
You can trawl (“tow-line”) here or bait fish with ease. You can fish reef for the table or trawl for the catch of a lifetime! Spanish Mackerel (“Kingfish”) are an exciting catch as are the huge Giant Trevally that can be had adjacent to the reefs.  There are plenty of other good sporting fish such as barracuda and tuna such as bonito, dog-tooth and albacore.  Yellow-fin tuna are around as well if you are lucky.
The pristine reefs and warm, clear water make the area perfect for snorkelers. You can snorkel right out in front of the Guest House or travel to any of the multitude of reefs a short boat ride away. You will see corals that will blow your mind, as well as incredible fish life. If you like the thrill of diving with sharks, these are easily found – mostly the “safe” reef varieties. More “interesting” species such as hammerhead and grey can be found in deeper waters. You may encounter foraging turtles during your time in the water or the marvellous manta ray.

Additional Activities*

Arnavon Islands Visit
The Arnavon Islands is a marine Protected Area about an hour by boat from Vavaghio. Because of its remoteness, few people get the opportunity to visit this beautiful example of what marine conservation can achieve. The Arnavons is the “jewel in the crown” of Solomon Island conservation work, and a huge conservation success story for The Nature Conservancy of USA, who was responsible for initiating the project.
The reserve was established primarily to protect the breeding grounds of the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle. A stay at the islands will allow you to experience the conservation work of the conservation officers there as well as have the opportunity to see nesting sea turtles and/or hatching young. The reefs around the islands are extra-ordinary due to the protected status of the area and a snorkel here will allow you to see amazing marine life and corals that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the Solomons. Visits there will incur an additional travel cost and may be subject to availability.
Bush Walking
Vavaghio has beautiful bush walks starting behind the retreat and looping back to scale the small hill overlooking the buildings and the sea. There are other walks on adjacent islands including a picturesque river walk to a waterfall close to Kupikolo Village.
Bird Watching
There are a variety of birds in the bush and on the shores of the island and surrounds, including many species of parrot and a large population of the huge Hornbill. One small adjacent island is a rookery for the majestic Frigate Bird, the national emblem of the Solomon Islands and floating on a boat in the sea adjacent to this island on a balmy evening with thousands of birds soaring above preparing to roost is an unforgettable experience.
Dugong Viewing
The area is home to a few of these magnificent and critically endangered sea mammals (commonly called “sea cows”).These animals are extremely shy, but our guides can try to give you the rare experience of sighting one.
Crocodile Viewing
We do have some of these reptiles in the surrounding waters but fortunately not the big "salties" of Australia etc.  They can be a bit hard to find, but if you like the thrill of seeing these creatures from the safety of a boat, we will try to oblige.
Cultural Tour
Vavaghio is really one family and we live in a traditional way. However, we would like you to experience some aspects of traditional village life that we are unable to show you at Vavaghio because we are too busy looking after you! At Kupikolo Village you can experience kastom cooking demonstrations, mat and basket weaving, canoe making and a visit to an historical site. If you wish, the village can treat you to a full kastom meal.
Visit to Kia Village
Your stay can incorporate a visit to Kia Village if you wish. Kia has a population of around 2,000 people and due to the narrow band of flat land adjacent to the sea, the houses are mainly built over the water.  There is a large Anglican Church as well as many trade stores where you can buy the essentials for life (but not much more!)  You can meet the local chiefs and “story” with some of the local people.  You can try the local Betel Nut if you are adventurous enough.

*The additional activities may incur charges and are subject to availability.

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