There are three outstanding features of Vavaghio....

The remoteness, the physical environment and the people.


Vakao Island is remote and although this remoteness has a travel cost, visitors will relish the tranquility, fantastic fishing, lack of pollution and of course, empty waves that make this a surfing mecca. The facility is purposely small (max. 8 persons) to ensure your stay is private and relaxing.

Physical Environment

Vakao is one island of many in the North-Western part of Isabel Province in Solomon Islands and the area boasts breath-taking coral reefs, lagoons and forested islands. The small islands and the adjacent large island of Baroro Faa represent one of the largest unlogged areas of the Solomons and this is reflected not only in the beautiful virginforests, but in the quality of the sea water and the reefs.

Our People

One of the greatest attributes of Vavaghio is undoubtedly our people. Isabel people are renowned in the Solomons for their gentleness and kindness and the Habotu family have these attributes in abundance.They will care for your every need and embrace you as part of their family during your island stay, and can guarantee that you will be sad to leave!

Visitor Testimonials

A recent visitor emailed us: "We had the loveliest, most enjoyable time at Vavaghio. Sincerely, one of the nicest places (in terms of facilities, friendliness of staff, beauty) that many of us have ever stayed! We were really blown away by the way the family looked after us. We're keen to come back sometime!! And would highly recommend it to anyone."
"We loved Vavaghio so much, we just can't wait for our next holiday there! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience and treating us just like family."
Remote Sandy Beach

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