Vavaghio Guest House is located on Vakao Island at the north-western tip of Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands.  The island is approximately 2 kilometres by 1 kilometres and rises from the sea to about 150 metres in height.  Vavaghio Guest House is located on the north-eastern side and is the only inhabited part of the island.  See the Google site map on the next page.

How to Get Here

There are two means of getting to Vavaghio, depending on the your desired travel time, comfort levels and budget.
The preferred option is to fly from Honiara to Suavanao airfield, and we will collect you from there. The Solomon Airline flights are almost every day and take about one hour. We will collect you from Suavanao and the trip back to Vavaghio takes around 2 hours, depending on the sea conditions.
Alternatively you can take a ship from Honiara to Kia.  IDC (Isabel Development Company) runs a passenger and cargo ship to Kia every two weeks. The trip can take from 22 to 30 hours, depending on the sea conditions, the number of passengers and the amount of cargo.  The ships are all cargo boats so your fare buys you a spot on the hold covers!  The area is often over-crowded with people and cargo. The benefits of this mode are the cheap cost and the fact that the ship goes all the way to Kia Village. If you take this option, we will meet you at Kia and take you to Vavaghio Guest House (about 30 mins).

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